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Visa Card Kya Hota Hai – What is Visa card, what are its benefits, know all the information from here

Visa Card Kya Hota Hai: If you are also troubled by the question that what is a visa card, then this post of ours today is going to be special for you because in today’s post we are going to tell you in detail what is a visa card, what are its benefits. Yes, why is this card so famous, to know the answers to all these questions, definitely read this post written by us till the end.

What is Visa Card

Visa Card is a common Payment Card, which we have with you in the form of debit or credit card. Now since it uses Visa Network. That’s why it is called Visa Card. If you understand in simple language, when the banking service started in our country, then there were no plastic money cards of any kind. People had to go to the bank to withdraw and deposit their money.

But with time the number of account holders in the bank increased rapidly. Because of which people started standing in long queues to withdraw and deposit money from banks. Because of this, people used to spend a lot of time in depositing and withdrawing money. Banks also had to work harder because of this. Finding a solution to this problem, banks started installing ATM machines at various places and also started providing ATM cards to their customers.

Despite this facility, another problem came in front of the customer. Since your ATM card could withdraw money from the ATM machine of the same bank in which you have an account and ATMs of any one bank were not present everywhere. In the midst of a lot of struggle by the banks, two Financial Institutions Company found a solution to this problem. One is Visa Inc. (Visa Card) and the other is MasterCard.

These companies tied-up with banks spread across the world and provided a number to the banks. Banks linked this number to their card holders’ account. That is why you must have seen that a card number is written on top of your Debit or Credit Card. Because of this number, the data of all card holders is stored on the servers of these companies.

By having access to the information of card holders of all the banks on a single server, a payment network was created between the banks. Now you could withdraw your money by swiping the card on any bank’s ATM. Overall Visa Card (Visa Inc.) is an American Multinational Financial Service providing company.

If Visa Card’s logo is on your Debit or Credit Card, it means that whenever you use your card to withdraw money from another bank’s ATM machine, while shopping online or swiping your card, your money Visa Inc. Will do

This means Visa Card works as a middleman between your bank and the bank to which you have to credit or debit money.

Benefits Of Visa Card?

If you are thinking of applying for Visa Card, then it is very important for you to know what are the benefits of taking it. Let us know what are the benefits of Visa Card.

1. For general inquiry or any kind of service information Visa inc. Has made available a customer support number for its card holder. This toll free number provides support for 24 hours throughout the week.

2. You can use Visa Card not only in India but also in any other country. Visa Inc. Provides its service in more than 200 countries.

3. If you do online shopping then Visa Card gives special offers to its customers. Which you can take advantage of in the form of cashback, gift card.

4. One big advantage of having Visa Card is that it is acceptable everywhere. You can make payment from it anywhere in any mall, petrol pump.

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